As a member of APPEL, you can apply for funding to support projects promoting the Ecole de Légèreté – whether you're planning a presentation at a horse fair or a Légèreté demonstration at your own stables. Funding could be granted, for example, through the payment of subsidies or by providing a budget for fairs.

To ensure that funds can be properly granted for a planned project, we recommended that you submit a project description to the President of the association, Sylvia Stössel, by 31 October of the year before the event is to take place. Please make sure to include a realistic cost estimate.

As a rule, projects will only be eligible for financial support if they relate to the Ecole de Légèreté as a whole; projects promoting individual instructors will not be funded.


Download grant policies in English – Deutsch

Download project description form in English – Deutsch

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