Spectators are welcome at all courses and clinics of the Ecole de Légèreté.

As a rule, spectators on basic training courses will be expected to commit to attending all clinics over the entire three-year duration in order to gain a proper understanding of the philosophy of Légèreté. In certain circumstances this rule may sometimes be waived, however, so please contact the relevant clinic organiser. Spectators who attend the entire course will receive a certificate confirming their participation. For more information about the course content, visit the basic training course page.

Advanced training clinics are open to anyone to spectate on a day-to-day basis. Philippe Karl strongly recommends that you attend the entire clinic, however, so that you can see the day-to-day progress of each horse and rider.

Philippe Karl teaches in English (or French or Italian, depending on the country and the student). In countries where another language is spoken, a translator will be present.

To purchase spectator tickets, or for any questions regarding individual courses and clinics, please contact the relevant organiser. Clinic dates and locations and course organiser contact details can be found here.


Spectator fees for clinics in the eurozone only (prices in other countries may differ)

Basic training courses:
160 € per 4-day clinic

Advanced training courses:

single day without theory lecture 50 €
single day with theory lecture 70 €
two days 100 €
three days 130 €
each additional day 30 €