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Rachel Van Nierop

About me


Trainee Teacher

In 2009 I had my mind blown wide open, when I watched a presentation in Perth given by Philippe Karl. I had been grappling with many "why?" and "how?" questions that my previous dressage instructions could never give me clear or satisfactory answers for. At his presentation, I was inspired by the depth of Mr Karl's knowledge and the clear and precise answers he gave for all the "why"s and the "how"s.
I could also see profound and positive changes in the horse's movement and their mental states. I came away from that night feeling like I really needed to know more, and that I needed to follow this path.
I signed up to become an auditor straight away, and in 2014 I was presented with a certificate signed by Mr Karl to say that I had attended every clinic in the three year Teacher Training course as an auditor.
In 2014 I became a Trainee Teacher myself.
In this way of training dressage, the horse's needs come first. We find the first thing the horse needs before it can progress to the next things. This priority will vary, depending on the horse, but no matter what the horse - no matter the breed, or the conformation or the temperament - there will be a solution that we can use to not only make the horse move better, but to also make it fell better. That is what I love - when the movement helps the horse feel better, and the horse feeling better helps the movement, and horse and rider go up together on a positive spiral.
This dressage (Legerete) is truly for the horse's total physical and mental well-being, and it is a path to help them reach their fullest potential.




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