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Level 1

My joy is helping riders give their horses logical, progressive and tailored training. To build programs on solid foundations, ethical principles, respect for nature and a desire for ease and kindness. With this wish I aim to create long-term solutions for willingness, strength and dignity. Légèreté gives me all I need to do this, to create a happy partnership with respect for welfare, ethology, natural balance and biomechanics.

With a background in Adult Education and 35 years experience riding and teaching, my passion is finding harmony and natural expression in classical schooling.




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80 Goldmans Road Panton Hill Victoria 3759

0411 098 462



- Private & Group Lessons
- Clinics & Workshops
- Theory sessions
- Dressage, Groundwork, Work in hand, Liberty, Rider Position
- Working Equitation Judge
- Club Rallies & Clinics

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