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Catherine Marshall
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Catherine Marshall
Whitesands Equestrian

EH42 1RU

+44 7791445218

“Legerete has the ability to open doors for horses and riders which were previously shut firm. This systematic approach to riding pays incredible attention to detail from the basic work onwards. With solid foundations and clear ideas about balance, horses are really able to give their best physically and mentally. As a teacher in this school, it’s a privilege to help partnerships develop between horse and rider.”

  • Lungeing

  • In hand work

  • All riding according to LEGERETE

  • Theory

  • Rehabilitation work

Equestrian vita

I began riding as soon as I could sit on a pony. I grew up taking part in pony club events (dressage, showjumping and cross country), competed in inter school showjumping, then latterly focused on competition dressage.

I spent some time working and teaching at a riding school as a teenager, then set up a company in my mid twenties which imported KWPN horses from the Netherlands to back and sell. I was also teaching private clients.

In 2011 I started riding with Philippe and completed the basic course, qualifying as a Level 1 instructor in 2014.
In 2018 I completed level 11.

I currently run a livery and training yard in Scotland where I teach Legerete, and take horses in for schooling, backing and rehabilitation work.  I run clinics here and in other parts of the UK.

How and why I came to riding in Légèreté with Philippe Karl

Having spent a few years on the competition circuit, it was more and more apparent to me that most horses were not happy in their work. The harmony we were all trying to achieve was rarely evident, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to work out exactly what I was actually aiming for, both in riding and teaching. It certainly wasn’t inspiring to watch the top level dressage riders. The search began for an alternative.
I had developed a good set of horsemanship skills from my time working with young horses, and learned a lot from various natural horsemanship materials, but I wanted something more precise, something that really optimised my horse’s potential under saddle.
After watching Philippe’s first DVD in the Classical Dressage series, I was hooked. These horses were never overflexed, supple, light, and engaged with what he was asking of them.
I read The Twisted Truths which explained things that had been bothering me for years, then decided to apply for the Instructor course. 
The feeling of connection the horse gave me at the very first clinic was something I had been looking for for years. I am so grateful to Philippe and Legerete for turning me into the rider and teacher I always wanted to become.


In 1998, in search of a training path that met this requirement, I came to know Philippe Karl. His awesome experience, great knowledge and logical explanations, adapted to the nature of horses, convinced me wholly of his philosophy.


What distinguishes the Ecole de Légèreté? It respects the nature of every horse and thus accepts to train all horses independently of their breed. It is based on the teachings of the old masters and incorporates the latest scientific knowledge, as well as much experience. It provides a logical training plan, endorses the separation and releasing of the aids (horse in self-carriage) – all this under the premise that correct movements follow from corresponding good balance. Coercive means and auxiliary reins etc. are taboo. In this way, riding and teaching are fun again!


At a time when dressage is dominated by economic aspects and we are exposed to fashions, such as “Rollkur” and “long–deep–round”, of trainers whose virtuosity in the saddle is often not nearly sufficient, I am grateful for having found in Philippe Karl a highly esteemed teacher.

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