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Caroline Schwär

About me


Trainee Teacher

Natural Horsemanship is deeply rooted in my way of working with horses and humans. I found my passion learning about horse psychology and behavior. Learning from multiple outstanding Horseman, passing my Parelli Level 4, I could develop essential skills on the ground and in the saddle.
I started my learning journey about the Ecole de Légèreté in 2016 and got the chance to start the journey as a Trainee Teacher in 2022. Combining Horsemanship and EdL is creating outstanding results. Teaching and developing humans is my passion, it’s an art not a technique.




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4102 Binningen


Deutsch, Englisch


- Groundwork for young horses / colt starting / restarting
- Switch from FN to EdL
- Understanding Horse behavior and potential challenges (ridden and on the ground)
- Working in Hand, Gymnastics, Working on the ground with the cavesson.
- Jumping for Dressage Horses

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