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in France

Philippe Karl and Bea Borelle regularly offer places for trainees (working students) at the riding facility Les Ecuries d'ALM, 2560 Chemin des Bois, 26740 Marsanne, in the south of France near Montélimar.

  • Trainees come to France with their own horse, preferably for a whole year.

  • There can be a maximum of two trainees at any one time.

  • Philippe Karl or Bea Borelle give lessons during the time they are at home (about 2/3 of the year).

  • Lessons take place five times a week (60 minutes for two trainees in parallel).

  • The theoretical and practical training is almost exclusively in dressage, with occasional lessons in jumping, TTEAM work and circus lessons.

 For more information or to submit an application, please contact Bea Borelle:


Bea Borelle
15, Route de Nyons
F – 26770 Rousset les Vignes

+33 4 75 26 66 24

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