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Courses and Clinics

The Ecole de Légèreté offers three-year basic training courses to become a licensed riding teacher of the School. Consisting of three four-day clinics per year, these courses prepare students to take the exams that they must pass before being awarded a licence.


Also provided are three- to four-day advanced training clinics for the continuing development of teachers who have already been awarded their licence and for students who completed the basic training course and are still working towards passing their exams.


The courses are held either by Philippe Karl or by his most experienced licensed teachers (master teachers). All courses and clinics are open to spectators.


The programme of the courses and clinics is extensive: The participants (who must already be riding teachers) are trained in dressage, work in hand, lungeing, jumping and in giving lessons both to their own students and to unknown guest riders. The practical lessons in the riding arena are complemented by comprehensive evening theory lectures that allow for questions and comments from riders and spectators alike.

The page Find a Course provides a complete list of all the teacher training courses and clinics offered by the Ecole de Légèreté, including the relevant dates, locations and organiser contact details.


On the page Become a Teacher, you will find more information on how to apply for the basic training courses of the School.


Please note that Philippe Karl offers no other clinics outside of these teacher training courses. You can arrange for lessons in his riding philosophy, however, by making contact with one of the licensed teachers of the Ecole de Légèreté (see the page Licensed Teachers).

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