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Christine Mogensen

About me


Trainee Teacher

At Blinkbonnie Equestrian Centre we teach both ridden and in-hand techniques. Focus is on the rider / handler’s position and technical knowledge as well as teaching a systematic approach to the refinement of the hand, leg and seat aids.

The School of Legerete principals of respect of the individual horse are at the heart of our training. We aim to provide a holistic and horse-centric approach to training rider and horse, understanding that it is possible to improve all riders and horses!

Christine is proud to be a trainee with the EdL.




Email Address:

Phone number:



88 Pillars Rd, Bangholme, VIC, 3175

+61 (0)414 868 984



* Riding and in-hand lessons on your horse or Blinkbonnie school masters
* Lessons at Blinkbonnie or at your venue
* On-property horse leases
* Young Horse Program, teaching you to train your un-broken/green youngster
* Horse and rider accommodation options available for individual training programs

The teachers are responsible for text and image in their profiles.
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