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Iris Winkler

About me


Foundation Level

I got to know the School of Légèreté in 2006 and have been training different types of horses since. I love to find out all the little details, that help riders and horses to get better and to increase their understanding and balance. Our goal should be, to help our horse to develop a strong and balanced body with a happy and balanced mind. It is our responsibility, to be a fair partner and aknowledge the horses personality and take care of it.
When I teach, I want my students to understand the meaning of everything we train, so they will be qualified to be their horses teacher.




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Tranderupmark 3, 5970 Ærøskøbing


German, Dansk, English


I train in horsemanship, work in hand, lunging in balance, riding with a good focus on a balanced seat and harmony of influence.
Mobile lessons in Northern Germany and Denmark, clinics in german, english and danish speaking countries. On the beautiful danish island Ærø riding school with accomodation for guests, holiday courses on well schooled horses or with your own. Trainee position available.

The teachers are responsible for text and image in their profiles.
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