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Jason McInnes

About me


Trainee Teacher

Jason is unique in the horse world because of his eclectic background and open mindedness to horsemanship. He has developed the skills to bring up babies, develop green horses, create a beautiful classically trained dressage horses. Jason is dedicated, relaxed, easy to listen to and get along with; he has a happy personality but calls a spade a spade. He loves to coach riders, learn, travel and keep fit. Jason takes is a logical and naturally evolving, trust-based partnership approach for both horse and rider that has a clear explanation of timeless principles for all breeds.




Email Address:

Phone number:



Benalla Victoria

+61 0400505561



Jason is committed to Clinics Australia wide & beyond:
* All levels of Horsemanship for Recreational Riders & the Weekend Warrior
* Classical Riding, lunging & in hand
* Freedom to Move & Working Equitation * Horsey Kids
* Training & Retraining horses of all ages & breeds

The teachers are responsible for text and image in their profiles.
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