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Kat Layfield

About me


Trainee Teacher

Kat has been an Instructor since 1993. She has trained horses and ponies of all ages, breeds, abilities and disciplines as well as many rehabilitation horses and has followed a classical approach to training since 1997. She holds a First Class Equine Science Degree, specialising in learning theory, a PGCE and her BHSAI. In 2011, when the School of Legerete came to the UK, she became an auditor and in 2014 she was selected as a trainee EdL instructor - training with Phillippe Karl himself. Kat has visited France twice and Germany once to watch Phillippe Karl training his own horses and european students




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Phone number:




07816 512911



Lessons throughout Sussex, Surrey and Kent in: In hand work, lungeing, long reins and riding, according to the principles of EdL
Private and semi private lessons on own horse/pony
Mini clinics, one day and multiple day clinics
Theory lectures
Online lessons

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