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Liana Upton

About me

United Kingdom

Foundation Level

I have ridden since childhood and have a background in dressage and S.J. In my teens I trained to become a B.H.S.A.I. I found Philippe Karl and the school of Legerete in my late 20’s and since then have never looked back!
I especially enjoy working with horses who aren’t typical ‘dressage’ horses or horses who have been previously spoiled. With time, a mix of inhand work and riding often these horses change enormously.
I provide seat training with my riding simulator. Posture, balance, straightness and fitness improve quickly. Riders need a good seat to be as effective as possible.




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United Kingdom

Ravenroyd Equestrian, Riverside, Bingley. BD16 2DL West Yorkshire




Freelance Lessons and clinics local to West Yorkshire.
Lessons with your horse at our small friendly yard in Bingley. (Short stays with your horse also possible.)
Seat training on the mechanical horse.

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