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Sarah Ondratschek

About me


Trainee Teacher

Hello everybody,

my name is Sarah Ondratschek and I´m from Ulm, Baden Württemberg - Germany. It was always a passion for me to work with horses and so I made my passion to a job. If you´re interested in the classical riding education of the Ecole de Légèreté, please feel free to contact me for a phone call or write an e-mail.

Sincerely, Sarah

About me/Über mich:

Name: Sarah Ondratschek

Nationality: German

Year of birth: 1990

Education: Medical technical scientist (B.Sc.)

Values: Lightness; Respect; Humour; Loyalitiy; Discipline

Motto: "Üben hilft!"




Email Address:

Phone number:



88471 Laupheim

0174 3889784

German, English


My offer/Mein Angebot:

Training based on the principles of the Ecole the Légèreté - Horse riding - Holiday care - Working Equitation - Ranch Riding

Reitunterricht nach den Prinzipien der Ecole de Légèreté - Beritt - Working Equitation - Mobiler Trail - Ranch Riding - nach individueller Absprache Urlaubsvertretung

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