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Stéphanie Durand

About me


Master Level

Horse riding should be there to emphasize and develop the human’s and the horse’s qualities.
As a teacher I wish I can share my experience and give the knowledge any student needs to become as competent as he has to be to improve his own and his horse’s education. I feel passion and dedication for my job and this is also what I ask the students to show. I feel proud to spread the principles of the Ecole de Légèreté around the world.
A big thank you to Mr Philippe Karl, to my students and a warm welcome to all the new riders in this school!
I am Master Teacher since 2021




Email Address:

Phone number:



Contrada Maggiore 30, 6616 CH-Losone


Français, italien, anglais, allemand


I mainly teach 2 to 5 days clinics in Switzerland, Italie, France, but students are welcome for private lessons or intensive education in Farmers Place, Argovia.
With difficult or young horses, lungeing, in hand or jumping lessons, building confidence for horses and riders.
Teachers Courses in France and CH Jura

The teachers are responsible for text and image in their profiles.
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