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Sylvia Stössel

About me


Master Level

All my riding life I was searching for harmony with the horse. After riding my first clinic with Philippe Karl a whole NEW UNIVERSE opened up. I finished my EdL basic course with Level 4 and in 2010 The Master appointed me as a Master Instructor of the School. Since then I conduct the Teacher clinics in Australia.
Amongst other things: Before joining EdL I trained race horses (pacers and galoppers), learnt and rode in Portugal for 2 ½ years under guidance of several riders of the Portuguese Riding School. I was lucky enough to learn many years with Portuguese Master João Trigueiros de Aragão.




Email Address:

Phone number:



Gerbelstrasse 9, 8626 Ottikon

+41 76 565 18 22

Deutsch / English / Portugues / Italiano


Private lessons and clinics (open clinics & teacher courses) in Switzerland, Australia, Italy, Austria. At the moment I have capacity for further lessons & clinics

° Riding (from the very basic training up to high school exercises)
° Lungeing
° In-hand
° Theory lectures
My aim is to help my students not only to learn the different techniques and to understand the principles, but also to teach FEELING, TIMING and have FUN.
Working with horses this way makes us grow and is much more than just riding.
The journey is the reward - Der Weg ist das Ziel !

The teachers are responsible for text and image in their profiles.
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