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Twisted Truths of Modern Dressage

In his latest book, Philippe Karl, one of the most outspoken critics of the modern dressage world, reveals some disturbing facts about the physical, anatomical and mental effects on the horse resulting from the official dressage guidelines as issued by the German Equestrian Federation (FN).

By comparing these with philosophies of masters of classical riding such as La Guérinière and Baucher, he shows possible solutions to the challenging situation of modern competitive dressage. This book explores key problems of modern dressage: physical aspects, straightness, balance, exercises. It describes the effects of modern dressage, breeding and business, and suggests a classical alternative: the philosophy of Légèreté (lightness).

French (original title): Dérives du dressage moderne
German: Irrwege der modernen Dressur
Italian: Derive del dressage moderno
Spanish: El laberinto de la doma clásica moderna
Czech: Omyly moderní drezury

The Art of Riding

French riding master Philippe Karl writes about training horses from a very personal perspective, documenting the training and development of the Lusitano stallion, Odin, according to traditional French classical principles, from young horse all the way up to high school.

Through this case study, he teaches readers the requirements of balance, including collection and conformation; the philosophy of Academic Equitation, including the language of the aids – seat, hands, legs; exercises for lateral flexibility, including work on one and two tracks.

He also covers work at the canter – counter-canter, flying lead changes, tempi changes; collection – piaffe, passage, pesade; and canter pirouettes – preparation and development.

French (original title): Une certaine idée du dressage
German: Reitkunst

Long Reining: The Saumur Method

In this book, Philippe Karl demonstrates how to train a horse on long reins and how it is possible to attain as high a standard of schooling from the ground as that reached under saddle. Philippe Karl was an Ecuyer at the Cadre Noir in Saumur for 13 years. The picture series for this book were taken at this French elite riding institution. They document the progressive training of the horse on long reins in dressage and jumping.

French (original title): Emploi des longues rênes
German: Hohe Schule mit der Doppellonge

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