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Hello Everyone I am a new member. I have attached a couple of questions to a word document if anyone can help me with please Thanks Frances
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Jul 05, 2020
Dear Frances. Sorry it took a while to answer. I think everybody is very busy. So am I …. But thank you for your APPEL-membership and your interest in our riding concept (which for me is the best I have ever come across in all my riding career). Licenced EdL-teacher Veronika Bühn has just recently published a very useful video on how to handle the double bridle reins the French (and our) way. Have a look under: As all the reins are separated the rider can use each rein independently by turning the wrist of the hand. Everything else dosn't make sense. When we introduce the double bridle to the horse, we again explain the use of the bit(s) from the ground with the flexions. The first use of the curb the horse learns is the signal (which we call action-reaction) to extend the neck. So the horse at first learns that the curb is not a restrictive and constraining instrument, but it also can be used to extend the neck (which makes the horse incredibly confident with the bit). In the saddle question I absolutely agree with you. I also don't like the restrictive modern saddles. They just block the rider. I don't want to make advertisement for a special brand, but I like very much the concenpt of the Peter Menet saddles. The naturally balance the rider very well and the cushion have a shape that runs out of the horses back. This way the horses back is most free to swing. I hope this was helpful and answers your questions. Best wishes and have fun with your horse(s), Sylvia


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